Step into history

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Santa Barbara Walking Tours leads locals and visitors alike on innovative sightseeing walks through the city’s historical districts and beautiful storied neighborhoods.  When looking for special things to do, step beyond the beaches, restaurants and shops for an intimate look at the history, art, and culture that invigorates Santa Barbara with its vibrant and singular personality.

Explore the city through the eyes of our knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced guides who unravel the many layers of Santa Barbara’s rich artistic heritage and cultural history through engaging and informative narratives.

Step Beyond the Ordinary

Each walk is an activity designed for the inquisitive and curious with the goal of revealing a side of Santa Barbara that most people have never experienced. When looking for things to do in Santa Barbara, this sightseeing activity will complete your visit.

Step out with Santa Barbara Walking Tours for our conversational tours designed to completely immerse you in your surroundings– so you not only feel the pulse of the city, but know its heart as well.  We want you to leave our sightseeing tours with a personal connection and familiarity with the city that will have you feeling perfectly at home in Santa Barbara.

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