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Stepping out with Santa Barbara Walking Tours

With Santa Barbara Walking Tours, you can experience first-hand the beauty, energy, and thriving culture that draws so many people to American Riviera year after year.

Our mission is to make visitors feel at home in this coastal town and to turn those who call Santa Barbara home into explorers in their own backyard!

Our innovative walking tours are designed to help all who join us discover the art, history, and distinct personalities of Santa Barbara’s storied neighborhoods.

Step Beyond the Ordinary With Founder Ellen Durham

Owner Ellen Durham grew up in Santa Barbara, and as a local, has always been fascinated by the city’s beauty and rich cultural offerings.  She resides downtown with her husband Ray (also a local), her son Finn and the family dog, Joe. An avid traveler who has been hooked on walking tours from the start, she used to wonder why Santa Barbara didn’t have a walking tour to cover some of the eclectic things she saw and loved experiencing on a daily basis. One day she had an epiphany that it was her calling to follow her passion and find a way to share more of her beloved city with others.

Ellen is thrilled to be able to pass along her insider knowledge with visitors and locals alike who want to uncover a side of Santa Barbara that most people have never experienced.

In addition to being a long time Santa Barbara resident, she is a member of the Pearl Chase Society, the Santa Barbara Historical Museum, and the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation.  She feels the preservation of the community history and appreciation of our local art and artists are a vital part of what makes the city so unique. 

As an avid researcher, Ellen spends a great deal of time in the local Historical Museum library. She also enjoys a good story and gathers oral traditions and lore from other locals she meets.  Her intention is to put together the best walking tours in Santa Barbara for the inquisitive and the culturally curious.  

Discover the heart and soul of the American Riviera

The goal of Santa Barbara Walking Tours is to encourage visitors to personally connect with the city by immersing them in the culture and history of the community in a way that could never be experienced from the blur of a tour bus or a large group tour. We strive to make each tour an indelible memory experienced in a conversational manner and at a comfortable pace.

By exploring the city through the eyes of our passionate, vibrant and knowledgeable guides, we hope that you will come away from our tours loving Santa Barbara as much as we do!

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