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Conspicuous Art Abounds in Downtown Santa Barbara
A not to missed tour conducted by a charming and very knowledgeable Santa Barbara native. We have been here every year since the 70's and have walked by without recognizing all of the Art in public view until we took this walk. Did you know that the mural "Portrait of Mexico Today 1932" by David Siqueiros is right on State St. in plain view, if you know where to look. We highly recommend you take this walk. It was the highlight of our Memorial Day weekend.  Bob Eames

Ellen is a charming and very knowledgeable guide. I truly enjoyed experiencing the city...and she was right, I saw art everywhere! Try something new, step out and experience Santa Barbara with new eyes. "
Majorie Dau

Great way to learn a bit about Santa Barbara.
Ellen provided a wonderful opportunity to see art throughout Santa Barbara that we may have just walked past. Also, she gave us a little history of Santa Barbara. I recommend doing this tour early in your visit so that you can appreciate Santa Barbara more. Just a side story, we found out that some of Ellen's family lived in our hometown - a small town 100 miles south of Chicago. What a small world!!"   Collins Miller

Fun and informative
Our tour guide Ellen was great. She gave us lots of local history that we would not have known. It was time well spent. The art pieces we saw were amazing!"   Thomas Bauch

Excellent tour for those visiting Santa Barbara
Best tour that I have ever been on, our guide was extremely knowledgeable. She was very down to earth and relatable so the time flew by because everything she shared and showed us was so interesting, I would highly recommend the Santa Barbara walking Tour to those looking for a great time as well as some quality education!!"   Terrence Banks
A great view of unseen Santa Barbara-
Very highly recommended. As we learned on our walking tour, there is a considerable amount of public art in Santa Barbara thanks to it’s local artists and the support of the local community. The art is everywhere downtown and easily overlooked. This tour opens one's eyes to a range of artists and art while including all sorts of relevant local history. The walk was a fascinating experience led by a knowledgeable, personable and entertaining guide. A great way to get off the beaten track and appreciate the hidden corners of the city. Not to be missed."    Richard Kernochan

A view of hidden gems
This walking tour was really fun. It was nice to get outside on foot and spend some time with a local. We saw some really great art pieces we definitely would've missed and learned some great history about Santa Barbara! Our guide answered our questions and was wonderful to spend time with!"   R. Hovenden

Excellent & Informative Walking Tour
For many years we have been traveling annually to Santa Barbara, CA to visit with relatives and enjoy walking through the wonderful parks and visiting the many museums. This year prior to our visit we did some research on Trip Advisor for ideas on what to see and do and were delighted to find out about the Santa Barbara Walking Tours. We signed up, and Ellen was our guide. She enthusiastically walked us around the downtown area, providing us with excellent commentary on the art and history of Santa Barbara. We learned so much about the outdoor murals, sculptures and intricate mosaic pieces, and the contribution these artists made in the preservation of the history and culture of Santa Barbara. In the past, we did see several pieces, but Ellen made them much more interesting through the background she provided. Many of the murals and sculptures we never would have noticed if it hadn’t been for Ellen taking us through some off-the-beaten path areas. Ellen is very passionate and knowledgeable about Santa Barbara. She even e-mailed me with additional information on a question I asked. We loved her tour, and highly recommend her." The Lillys

Who knew there was so much to see in my own town!  I have lived in Santa Barbara since 1993, and I had no idea that there was so much Art right in front of me! I really enjoyed walking through town with a different set of eyes. Our tour guide pointed out many things I drive by daily, and had stories to tell associated with the artist or the art itself. Some of the information was historical, some of it scandalous - but all of it entertaining! Santa Barbara Walking Tours is a great for tourists and locals alike!"  G. Ventura

Wish to do another S.B. art walk with Ellen
We were very impressed by Ellen's knowledge and enthusiasm. She spent an extra half-hour with us because we had quite a few questions. She answered our questions or replied honestly when she could not answer a question. Her manners and patience are exemplary. I highly recommend her walk and look forward to another art walk with Ellen." Patti Zucherman

Ellen is engaging and professional, and she takes a clear interest in meeting her clients needs."
C.G. Los Angeles, CA

Santa Barbara is a treasure on the California coast - filled with beauty and history. The art in the area is timeless and engaging.

Ellen's enthusiasm and knowledge of Santa Barbara and its artwork can't be beat. Her tour was the highlight of my visit! Santa Barbara Walking Tours is truly one of the best ways to get acquainted with Santa Barbara!"
Lou Anna Koehler, Albany, CA

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